Find the Right Wheelchair Glove

This page sets out the key features of each wheelchair glove and should enable you to choose the best glove for your needs. If you need any more information, do please contact us by phone or email and we will do our best to answer your query. Please note that we also offer a free 30 day return period, so that you can order wheelchair gloves from across our range and return any that you don’t want, as long as they are in their original condition.

Classic Wheelchair Gloves

Our original hard-wearing design made from heavy duty cow leather. Available in open-finger or closed-finger versions. The full-finger wheelchair gloves offer greater protection in the cold or wet. The open-finger gloves give greater dexterity and allow you to use touch screens whilst wearing them. An inner foam layer helps to cushion the impact of each push. A full thumb ensures protection from blistering.

Children’s Wheelchair Gloves

Our children’s wheelchair gloves (available on black only) are made from the same quality materials as our adult gloves, just for smaller hands. Of course, we know that children’s hands can vary in size, so we recommend you order a pair according to your child’s age first. We’ll always be happy to change to a different size for you if they’re not quite right. If your child is a young teenager, we’d recommend buying our adult gloves in XS size.

Sure Grip Wheelchair Gloves

The sure grip wheelchair gloves are made to the same design as the Classic glove but use a rubberised material on the palm for additional grip. This works well on metal wheelchair rims but please be aware that if you combine sure grip gloves with rubberised rims, there will be a significantly higher element of wear and tear on the gloves. Sure grip gloves are available in open-finger and closed-finger format.

Wheelchair Hand Wraps

Wraps do not require you to don the gloves over your fingers. They simply wrap around the palm of your hand and are held in place with hook and loop fastener. They have a half thumb, as this makes it easier to remove the wrap. They are made from leather and neoprene. The neoprene is soft and stretchy to allow a firm fit. The Wraps are suitable for wheelchair users with limited hand movement. They offer warmth and additional protection. Wraps are not suitable for highly active wheelchair users.