How to take care of your wheelchair gloves

Globaleather wheelchair gloves and leather badge wallets are made from the finest quality leather. Enjoy the benefits of durable, timeless leather gloves for as long as possible with this easy and simple step by step customer care instructions.


We don’t use chemicals to fix the dye

When you first wear your gloves, you may find some of the dye on your hands when you take them off. This is normal with gloves that have been properly drum dyed. It is often the case that cheap gloves are simply sprayed on the outside with dye and this means that their colour often doesn’t last long. Globaleather’s gloves are dyed using a much more thorough and time consuming process. The leather is dyed all the way through in a drum. We don’t use chemicals to fix the dye as these can irritate the hands and make the glove’s material slightly less soft.

What this means however is that it is worth giving the gloves a wash before you first use them following the instructions below.

Leather Gloves – Machine wash

Wash the glove on the low temperature (up to 30°C) gentle cycle of a domestic washing machine. Use a mild detergent that is recommended for washing woollens. Please do not use any fabric conditioner or strong washing materials as they may damage the leather. Ensure that the gloves are thoroughly rinsed. Spin gently, pull into shape and hang to dry in natural room temperature away from direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry or place on a radiator.

When nearly dry, put the gloves on hand to restore shape and softness. Remove from your hand and hang up to dry fully. When dry, place on your hand and buff the surface with a soft cloth.

Lite Gloves

Wash the gloves on the low temperature (up to 30°C) gentle cycle of a domestic washing machine.

Leather Gloves- Hand washing

Produce a good lather in lukewarm water using mild detergent. Immerse the gloves and wash gently on your hands. Remove gloves and rinse thoroughly in clean water. Squeeze out all excess water and pull gently into shape. Hang to dry away from direct sunlight or heat. Coloured gloves may be washed with articles of a similar colour provided the above instructions are followed.

Glove Storage

Store leather away from direct sunlight to prevent the colour fading. Leather is a natural material so you may find the surface shows some minor variations in colour or even the occasional small imperfection.

Globaleather badge wallets

Please wipe clean with a dry cloth when necessary.