It’s been just over a week since ‘Purple Tuesday’, the UK’s first ever accessible shopping day on Tuesday 13th November. Designed to increase business awareness of the needs of disabled people, the day was launched by disability organisation Purple. Businesses all over the UK took part including big names such as Asda, Sainsbury’s and M&S.

But what did everyone think about it? We gathered together a few of the responses.

The Government approved

Sarah Newton, Minister of State for Disabled People, Health and Work, said:

“Ensuring that disabled people are able to access shops, restaurants and clubs isn’t just the right thing to do – it makes business sense too. By failing to cater to their disabled customers, many businesses are missing out on the spending power of disabled people and are denying them the opportunity to enjoy something which many people take for granted.”


The Tweeters were convinced

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People @HearingDogs More Nov 13

#PurpleTuesday is a brilliant initiative – everyone deserves their needs to be met when out shopping.”

 Charlene Overend @CharleneOverend Nov 13

#PurpleTuesday AMAZING!! Turning Piccadilly Purple. @purpletuesdayUK

 Or were they?

Dianne Cook @danwilljo Nov 12

A great initiative #PurpleTuesday … but … should every day not be accessible for disabled people #inclusivity #justsaying

 Mik Scarlet‏ @MikScarlet Nov 13

Not even going to bother trying to shop in #Camden on #PurpleTuesday. Our famous town centre wasn’t accessible yesterday so I doubt it’s improved over night.”

 Lynz  ‏ @Lynz01644962 Nov 15

Screw #PurpleTuesday !!! Equality and accessibility for disabled people every day, every week, every year! No more excuses! #DisabilityRights #LeaveNoOneBehind #Fibromyalgia

Opinion in The Guardian was even more scathing

“Today’s events for Purple Tuesday aim to bring about education and change, but in reality they are just a ruse to pretend that disabled people have a voice. […] my peers and I know that it will take more than a PR exercise to really change the way we experience customer service.”

(Sassy Wyatt, visit

But Purple stressed this wasn’t just a one-day wonder


It’s #PurpleTuesday – the start of a year-round campaign to improve the shopping experience for disabled people.”

A Tweet backed up by Purple Tuesday’s website:

“The aim of Purple Tuesday is to make customer-facing businesses more aware of these opportunities and challenges and inspire them to make changes to improve the disabled customer experience over the long term.”


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