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  • Easy-Fit Wheelchair Glove

    Easy-Fit Wheelchair Glove

    A lightweight cut-down glove in neoprene that ensures that you retain maximum dexterity.
  • Lite Wheelchair Gloves

    Lite Wheelchair Gloves

    For men and women alike, the lite wheelchair glove range is great for summer. Great for the more active user who wants comfort and flexibility.

    Available in: Silver, Pink, Purple, Navy and Yellow.
  • Childrens Wheelchair Gloves

    Childrens Wheelchair Gloves

    Made from the same quality materials as our adult gloves, just for smaller hands.
  • Classic Wheelchair Gloves

    Classic Wheelchair Gloves

    The British designed Globaleather Classic wheelchair glove is made from the highest quality leather. Our Classic gloves are tailored with a Velcro strap and stretch cuff for comfort and flexibility. Globaleather Classics gloves are extremely durable, warm in the winter and perfect for everyday use
  • SureGrip Wheelchair Gloves

    SureGrip Wheelchair Gloves

    Designed to help you maintain your independence by ensuring greater grip. Our SureGrip glove range is designed to help you maintain your independence by ensuring greater grip and support in all weathers. In summer, the fingerless Suregrip glove lets your hands breathe while the unique textured palm allows you to grip and turn more safely and securely. The full fingered glove is a great glove for winter!
  • Wheelchair Accessories

    Wheelchair Accessories

    Accessories for wheelchair users. Including Bags & Badge Wallets
  • Wheelchair Wraps

    Wheelchair Wraps

    Global Leather hand wraps are designed specifically for wheelchair users with limited hand movement and for those who find putting on gloves difficult. Our wraps simply and easily wrap around your whole hand.
    Available in Navy & Red.
  • Special Offers

    Special Offers

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